Why We Hate Modern Cars

Saturday, March 1, we were driving from San Jose to Los Gatos.  (California for you lame-o’s).  The driving conditions were not good.  The pavement was wet, there was low barometric pressure, and many of the drivers did not drive on weekdays. This is why we hate modern cars.

When what appeared to my right?  A snazzy new BMW, probably at least a 7 series (look it up).  The driver was weaving in and out of lanes, cutting people off, and generally driving like an idiot.  My lovely wife (who is a much better driver than me) actually screamed a bit at the antics of this moron.

But, in this case, there was instant karma.  I made a wrong turn exiting the freeway and we drove past the scene pictured below.  Yes, that is her car.  She managed to take out a utility pole.  But she was on her cell phone as we drove by.  The @#$%^& air bag and breakaway utility pole had left her undamaged.
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Darwin loses again

If this isn’t an argument against air bags, shoulder belts, and crumple zones, I don’t know what is.  We need more Darwin, not less.

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