Bin Laden Theme Park Rides

After posting yesterday’s article about the proposed new theme park in Abbottabad, Pakistan, it occurred to me that we needed a Twitter competition for bin Laden theme park rides.  Forthwith (because I’m lazy), here are the entries. There are enough good ideas that I’m not awarding a first prize. Pray together- If men and women are searching for important source cheap tadalafil pills’s that can help them to enhance their sex lives. The symptoms arise without warning, they are at times constant purchase generic cialis and otherwise don’t follow any pattern. Any kind of unnecessary viagra wholesale uk stress or over anxiety of performing well can reduce your stamina immediately and you will experience premature ejaculations. After certain amount of time the medicine which is prescribed to people by their doctor is buy generic cialis because it holds a very essential component in it which is said to be the best effective pill for curing erectile dysfunction and how medicines like this, treat this problem.  Several entries didn’t include the hashtag #BinLadenThemeParkRides — I’ve included those as a separate screen capture.  Thanks to everyone who participated.

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