AGW Killing Stars! Aliens En Route To Handle Problem!

You heard it here second, maybe first.  Anthropogenic global warming is killing stars.  According to Anthony Watts at Watts Up With That, this is the case.  The correlation between the number of supernovae (dying stars) and the Earth’s temperature is startling (to say the least):

Supernovas and Global Temperature
Supernovae and Global Temperature

Watts suggests two possible outcomes.  First, the supernovae could be contributing to global warming.  I think that’s very unlikely.  Second, global warming is causing the stars to flame out.  This will annoy the aliens who will be forced to wipe out humanity to save the universe.

Watts goes on to quote Dr Rob Soria of the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research:

“…I discovered that the number of SNe discovered per year correlates pretty well with the temperature anomaly. I produced a plot, placed at the URL below. Clearly the temperature anomaly has a better correlation with the observed number of dead stars than with dead polar bears, tree rings, CO2 or number of pirates. This is proof that global warming is causing more stars to explode. It’s worse than we thought. We are killing the universe. We need more funding.”