NukeMap3D Shows You the Future

[Update August 3, 2013: The site is back online and the bug noted below (which I still believe is a feature) has been fixed.  Selecting San Francisco as a target no longer targets New York City.]

NukeMap3D shows you the future that we at pfpfp hope for. Pick your target city, …

Target Choices

 … or you can just type in a city name.  I picked Downer’s Grove, Illinois, southwest of Chicago:

Downers Grove, IL targeted

Once the city is targeted, you get to select the size of the weapon you want:

Bomb ChoicesIf you want to play with my setup (target: Downer’s Grove, IL; 1 megaton blast) click here.  If you’d just like to see a video, here it is:

Alex has been kind enough to estimate of casualties as well as a map of the likely spread of fallout:

Casualties Estimates, Downers Grove Target

NukeMap3D: at we fully support this effort.

We Support the New U.S. Policy Toward Iran

Nuclear explosionWe support the new U.S. policy toward Iran.  Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta articulated – OK, “articulated” is wrong, but I’m pretty sure “incoherented” isn’t an actual word – the following:

“For Washington, the activation of Fordow is not, in of itself, a red line. This was made clear by Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta on Sunday when he appeared on the television program Face the Nation and said that, for the United States, the red line was the development of a nuclear weapon, not just the capability.” (Jerusalem Post, January 10, 2012.  Available at .)

At People for a Population-Free Planet, we support Secretary Panetta’s initiative to help Iran develop a nuclear weapon.  Apparently the new line in the sand which Iran must not cross has actually developed said nuclear weapon.  And the new policy toward Iran (policy number 1,742 during the Obama administration by our count) is that nothing will be done other than sanctions until Iran actually has the bomb.

This is an amazingly hopeful step toward ridding the planet of the human pestilence.  Thank you Secretary Panetta and President Obama for lending such support to our cause.