We Support the Obama Administration

We support the Obama Administration.  Attorney General Eric Holder has filed an appeal to the full Ninth Circuit Court of a ruling by a three-judge panel that would allow compensation to bone marrow donors.  The Wall Street Journal reports,

“Enter the Institute for Justice, which in 2009 filed suit on behalf of a group of patients, including Lewiston, Maine mother Doreen Flynn, three of whose children are afflicted with a blood disease called Fanconi anemia. Without marrow transplants in their teens, few with the disease are likely to survive. In Doreen Flynn et al. v. Holder, the Institute challenged the ban on equal protection grounds for its irrational treatment of marrow donation relative to blood donation, as well as due process grounds for the government’s interference in an otherwise legal medical procedure.

The three-judge panel unanimously agreed, noting that ‘if the government’s argument . . . were correct, then the statute would prohibit compensating blood donors.'”

However, we think the administration should go even further and ban compensation for blood donors as well.  Those two policies will move the planet to population-free status even faster.