NukeMap3D Shows You the Future

[Update August 3, 2013: The site is back online and the bug noted below (which I still believe is a feature) has been fixed.  Selecting San Francisco as a target no longer targets New York City.]

NukeMap3D shows you the future that we at pfpfp hope for. Pick your target city, …

Target Choices

 … or you can just type in a city name.  I picked Downer’s Grove, Illinois, southwest of Chicago:

Downers Grove, IL targeted

Once the city is targeted, you get to select the size of the weapon you want:

Bomb ChoicesIf you want to play with my setup (target: Downer’s Grove, IL; 1 megaton blast) click here.  If you’d just like to see a video, here it is:

Alex has been kind enough to estimate of casualties as well as a map of the likely spread of fallout:

Casualties Estimates, Downers Grove Target

NukeMap3D: at we fully support this effort.

Depressing News About Runaway Cars

Accelerator Assembly, 2007 Toyota
Accelerator Assembly, 2007 Toyota

Today’s New York Times brought depressing news about runaway cars. The  Business section had an article about a proposed rule that would require “all new cars and trucks to have a brake-throttle override system, giving drivers the ability to step on the brake to stop the car if the accelerator pedal sticks or malfunctions.”  In other words, the regulators are trying to save lives.  That goal is the opposite of everything pfpfp stands for.

But there is a ray of hope.  A few paragraphs down, we find this:

“Brake override systems, part of the software in a vehicle’s on-board computercut the throttle when the brake pedal is pushed. The systems give the brakes precedence if a driver steps on both pedals simultaneously or if the accelerator is already depressed when the brake is applied.”

All the evidence points to driver failure in most of the runaway car cases.  Whenever investigators bother to look at the car’s on-board computer, they discover that most of the time the driver did not touch the brakes.  Instead, drivers press the accelerator harder as they mistakenly believe they are pressing the brake.  The brake override systems only work if someone actually presses the brake.  So, like most of the rules coming out of Washington, this new requirement will increase costs with negligible benefits.

A New Bacon Tool to Inhibit Population Growth

Bacon, Bacon, Bacon
Bacon, Bacon, Bacon

Justin and Dave, the co-founders of the site Everything Should Taste Like Bacon, have introduced a new tool to inhibit population growth.  At, we are excited to introduce our reader(s?) to this innovation.  We could describe it, but let’s just say if this doesn’t inhibit your desire for sex, nothing will.  Click here if you’re brave enough. salutes, Justin, Dave, and the brave women that assisted in development of this fine new product.