Obama’s Halloween Costumes for Bo and Sunny

Here are my suggestions for President Obama’s Halloween costumes for Bo and Sunny (the two White House dogs).  All are available from Target stores.

First, the original wiener costume for a wiener dog.  $12 – $16.

Wiener Wiener Dog

Next, for the more conventionally-shaped dog. $10 – $14.

Hot Dog

Finally, for those who want to go less conventional, this model works well. $16.

Taco Dog

Another Fashion Travesty From the Wall Street Journal

Another fashion travesty from the Wall Street Journal.  The June 7 “Personal Journal” section features a story about aloha shirts.  Most folks know what these are: large, airy, comfortable, always including bright patterns.  Tropical, in fact.  The classic Hawaii tourist joint Hilo Hattie’s still carries them:

Hilo Hattie Genuine Aloha Shirt
Hilo Hattie Genuine Aloha Shirt

But now we are told the “new, improved” shirts are “slimmer and more modern:”

Wall Street Journal Aloha Shirt Travesty
Wall Street Journal Aloha Shirt Travesty

News flash: Hawai’ians are big.  Not “slim,” not “modern.”  Big.  Aloha shirts are supposed to cover a Hawaiian, not some underfed Wall Street Journal reporter.  Even though we at pfpfp support starvation, using Aloha shirts to promote it is a travesty.