Bin Laden Theme Park Rides

After posting yesterday’s article about the proposed new theme park in Abbottabad, Pakistan, it occurred to me that we needed a Twitter competition for bin Laden theme park rides.  Forthwith (because I’m lazy), here are the entries. There are enough good ideas that I’m not awarding a first prize.  Several entries didn’t include the hashtag #BinLadenThemeParkRides — I’ve included those as a separate screen capture.  Thanks to everyone who participated.

Visit This Theme Park

Here at People for a Population Free Planet, we’re always looking for innovative ways to thin the herd.  As such, we recommend you visit this theme park. Sure, it’s a little inconvenient (in Pakistan), but we promise it will be worth the trip.

For those who are too cowardly to click the above link, here are some clues.  First, a quote from the article:

Plans to build a £19m amusement park in the town where Osama bin Laden was killed by US special forces have been revealed.

The 50-acre site on the edge of Abbottabad would include a zoo, adventure sports facilities, restaurants and artificial waterfalls.

Officials in the northwestern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province hope the project will boost tourism but denied it was intended to improve the town’s image after the bin Laden raid.

“The amusement city will be built on 50 acres in the first phase but later will be extended to 500 acres,” Syed Aqil Shah, the provincial minister for tourism and sports, said.

And if that’s not enough, here’s a reminder of what this is all about:

You know This Guy
You know This Guy

We Oppose This Bumper Sticker

Ignore This Warning!
Ignore This Warning!

At pfpfp, we’re always watching for warning signs that should be ignored.  While our title (we oppose this bumper sticker) is technically incorrect, it was the best we could do.  Remember, if you text while driving you will increase the demand for this company’s products, boosting the economy.

Our New Heroine

Nadine Schweigert
Nadine Schweigert

Nadine Schweigert, 36, is our new heroine.  In March, she married … herself.  The most entertaining coverage is at the Nairaland blog.  Be sure you read the comments.

Ms. Schweigert will, presumably, be unable to procreate without taking extreme measures.  We applaud her decision and urge her to continue in her child-free ways.  Thanks to Chuck Shepherd’s News of the Weird

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Scott Adams on Being Green

“The greenest house is one you don’t build.” – Wall Street Journal, August 21, 2010, p. W1

“I am green with envy. Actually, homeless people are the greenest. Their housing footprint is the size of their feet, and they recycle things you might find hard to swallow, but they don’t.” – comment about this column on the Wall Street Journal web site by Michael Smith.

Scott Adams draws being green
Scott Adams draws being green

Population growth

Even economists have come around to the idea that high rates of population growth can inhibit economic development.  Dr. Larry Summers of Harvard has estimated that the rate of return to educating a woman in a less-developed country is 26%.  A large part of that return is caused by education deferring the age at which a woman has her first child.  Thus lower population growth is a result of educating women and allowing them to fully participate in society.

But there’s more.  People emit greenhouse gases.  According to another blog, an average human emits about 0.9 kg of CO2 per day. 0.9 kg per person x 365.25 days per year x 6.6 billion people = 2,169,585,000,000 kg per year.  For non-metric speakers, that’s 493,087,500 English tons of CO2 per year.  According to the previously-cited blog that’s about ten percent of annual CO2 emissions.

The conclusion is clear.  People cause global warming.  The obvious solution is fewer people.