A Terrific Idea from Australia

Today I ran across a terrific idea from Australia.  Blogger Damon Young writing for abc.net.au penned an entry titled “Surviving the suburban purgatory of the school run.”  Mr. Young expounds on various aspects of dropping off and collecting children from school.  He begins with a pithy quote from Gwyneth Paltrow, followed by this summary from Mr. Young: “The thought of doing school pickup until she was 58, Paltrow joked, put paid to her plans for a third child.”

So far, so good.  But the best part comes in the comments.  This goodie by “Dino not to be confused with :” was grabbed by Margaret Smith (@DrMobs).  Here’s what Dino proposes:

“My suggestion is we lower the legal driving age to three. Kid’s are much more tech savvy these days and they could download an app or something.”

What a great idea!  Parents would no longer have to put up with being chauffeurs.  And we have to add Dino to our list of people we admire.

Lower the Driving Age to Three!
Lower the Driving Age to Three!

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