For Halloween We Endorse Polyethylene Pumpkins

The latest idea for indoor Halloween decoration is polyethylene pumpkins.  We encourage those throwing parties this year to use these pumpkins in the traditional way: with a candle inside for authentic Halloween lighting.  The effect of a flickering candle simply cannot be matched by any technology.

Polyethylene Pumpkin
Polyethylene Pumpkin

These pumpkins are widely available. has them. offers a polyurethane model that includes an interior light bulb.  Rip it out and put in a candle.  To their credit, Walmart apparently only offers a polyresin model, hard plastic that is difficult to ignite.

At, we believe these pumpkins are a valuable addition to our toolkit.  We applaud the companies making these pumpkins as well as those selling them.

Seriously, unless these plastics are modified they are very flammable.  Prof. James G. Edwards of San Francisco State University has written a nice descriptive piece.  Read it and take it seriously.

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